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Monogram logo is the interweaving of two or more letters (usually the first letter of the name, surname and patronymic) or an abbreviation, which was made in the form of a pattern, monogram, etc. Monogram logos adorn families’ crests, and are widely used in the logos, emblems, stamps...

Monogram logos are often a very fancy piece of art used in the stucco on the facade or forging at the gate of your house, engraving pendants, rings, cutlery, crockery, woven on a carpet or embroidered on the tablecloth and napkins. Monograms appeared at the first centuries of our era.

They were put on coins, stamps, used for commercial, factory and publishing brands and also were used for insignia, military and courtly uniform. 

Almost all the royal personages of medieval Europe had their own monograms. They were placed on the noble family crests. Besides, many famous bibliographies decorated their bookplates with a monogram logo. There is a certain aura of elegance and pedantry around the monogram logo.