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Letter logo designs are also popular among other designs. They are performed in the form of fonts-and-graphic image, that displays the name of the company or brand. In such logos, wide range of fonts can be used, ranging from standard to specifically designed for the company purposes. Color range – is very important element In letter based logo design.

The simplicity of lettering logo ideas and a properly selected tone can quickly turn your letter logo into a recognizable one. Recognition is a key for popularity growth. Such worldwide famous brands as Coca-cola, Pepsi, FedEx and even Google used all benefits of letter based logo when they started their businesses .

Some of the letter logos are very similar to the symbol ones.

The main difference is that the role of the pictograph performs the first letter of the company name, or a combination of several important letters. These lettering logos have a very ancient history. Many centuries ago, the signs in the form of letters plexus were used as families’ guardians. Today, logo design with letters doesn’t lose its functionality and helps consumers to relate product or service to a particular company. The most famous letter logos are IBM, USA Network, American Broadcasting Company.