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Heraldry logos as the main motive of identity are very popular, especially among customers who want to use such heraldry logo design. This is not surprising, because the heraldic symbols often look more credible and inspire confidence.

Heraldry, logos are a delicate matter that requires serious approach to all stages of production to get the quality results. If we talk about the usage of heraldic shields, more precisely, their shapes to create a corporate identity, we can say for sure, that this is not a new trend. To be more precise, corporate identity is rooted in the stigma of the masters and heraldry.

Now such shield is usually used as a "substrate" for the logo. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of this option. Firstly, designers often forgets that the sign should be easy to scale, so when trying to reduce the sign which is located on the shield, reading the text becomes complicated, sometimes even to the critical limits, e.i. It is impossible to read the text part of the heraldic logo at all. Secondly, when positioning the brand the designers of corporate identity have a lack of understanding that the shape of the shield extends certain cultural connotation, which plays an important role in this process.

Appropriate shields usage in the process of heraldry logo and corporate identity creation can make the brand positioning and promotion easier and more effective. Besides, injudicious usage of heraldic logos in general or in the particular shields form - is not only funny or annoying for smart marketers, designers, and other educated people, but has also been able to mislead consumers, thus making it difficult positioning and promotion of your product.