Licences details

Pertinent Facts

The purchase of Mockup Cloud allows for personal and commercial use. There are no royalties. The purchase price is a one-time cost with no further assessments or renewal fees. Owners are not required to link to the company or to identify the source of Mockup Cloud. Of course, if you choose to share the positive aspects of the product, we wouldn't object.

Permitted Actions

The product may be revised if you choose to do so, but revisions are your own responsibility and we are no longer liable for the products. There is no limit on the number of files which can be purchased and each file may be used as many times as you wish.

Banned Actions

The product may not be re-distributed in any way. This includes in tools, as templates or as a stock item. It may not be distributed with source files. You may not lease, license or sub-license Mockup Cloud. It may not be distributed as a single mock-up or as part of a bundle, even if it is modified. It is forbidden to distribute the product in its original form or with superficial changes. This ban extends to free distribution of the product. A live direct link to a download location is not permitted. It is also forbidden to provide a live link to Mockup Cloud images.

If further information is required in regard to the license agreement, please contact our representatives.